Kitchen Gallery

Laminate countertops in the kitchen have been popular for years due to the material being cost-efficient. However, laminate materials are not durable and often cannot stand the test of time and continual use. Stone countertops offer an extremely durable and enduring functionality while appearing as an attractive addition to any kitchen renovation.

While stone countertops may have a beautiful and custom appearance, the true value of stone is in its resilience, turning any project’s cost into a long-lasting investment. A kitchen is the heart of every home and where family and friends tend to gather most. In many ways, the kitchen countertop becomes a foremost focal point in any social gathering.

Whether the countertop is being used for chopping and hot pans while cooking, or simply setting your hockey gear down while getting ready to head out, stone will withstand your daily life while enhancing the appearance of your homes most diversely used area. Stone also adds a valued resilience to outdoor kitchens with a seamless blend into the beauty of nature.

Bathroom Gallery

The bathroom is one of the most functional rooms in the house, meaning its vanity countertop will see significant use. Stone vanities turn regular bathrooms into intimate masterpieces. Not only will you be experiencing a beautiful custom design, but you will have peace of mind when it comes to cleaning, as stone offers a smooth surface making sanitization simple.

However, stone upgrades are not limited to vanity countertops; tub surround and shower cladding complete your functional space’s appearance and washable durability. Drop-in tubs can have a custom stone surround, and walk-in showers can be enhanced by replacing tile with wall and base stone cladding. The presence of natural water will be complemented by the natural appearance of stone, while the custom surround and cladding will reduce grime gathering and making cleaning these often-used areas much easier. Once again turning a project cost, into an investment for your home.